Paradise City is a top vacation destination and with many entertainment venues and recreation areas. Here are just few of areas of interest Paradise City has to offer.


Founder’s Day 2024 The Paradise City 14th Founder’s Day Event 2024 starts this month on Friday the 22nd and runs to Sunday the 24th, but raffle tickets are on sale NOW. Raffle boards are downtown in front of Ruby’s Diner. We will have a party and DJ on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the the Paradise Motor Speedway area. Events include racing, bowling, bumper cars, dunking booth and more. There will be prizes, pc$ and maybe more raffles. There will be cars, boats, motorcycle and aircraft on display from our sponsors and will include both locations at the Paradise Speedway and the Paradise Airfield & Marina. There will be a week long road rally race and on Sunday the Paradise 25 endurance sprint car race. There’ll be a sailboat race at the marina. Contact Johanna Renfold in advance for details.


Club Bare Naked is the hottest new club & lounge in Paradise City. A place to hang out in a comfortable enviroment and meet new friends, of have your hottest fantasy fullfilled. We also have events with live DJ, contests and live music performed by some of the hottest singing stars. Located downtown at 511 Heather Blvd.


The Dirty Shame Roadhouse is a cozy bar offering beer, strippers, music, beer, nearby motorcycle track with timers, sluts..and beer. All bikers and whores welcome. Space above the bar is for rent by a manager or possibly to use as a clubhouse for a motorcycle club.

The Paradise Motor Speedway offers a 1/8 mile drag strip and a winding sky track with uphill and downhill timers. Test your skill to beat all others to the finish line. Coveted trophies awarded to the winner at events, but the track is open for practice 24/7. The road up to the speedway is just east of the police station.


The 4:20 Store is located at 420 Industrial Blvd on the East Side. One stop shopping for your..uh…exotic herbs and related paraphernalia. Most of the products offered are only legal on the  East Side. Possession or use of products inside the city limits of Paradise City could result in fines and/or imprisonment.

Pablo’s is a cozy little bar on the East Side in a …uh..mature neighborhood. It offers beer, cocktails, food and music with an ambiance such that you’ll feel you’re well south of the border when you’re actually at least 100 ft north of the border. Beautiful women will dance on your table for your entertainment while you drink and party into the night, and if you drink too much, they might even help you get home, or take you to their home for a reasonable price. While you won’t find a Tesla parked in front of Pablo’s Bar, (they just get stolen), you’ll certainly enjoy meeting the friendly people from the neighborhood. Located on the lower East Side at 415 Industrial Blvd.


Paradise Motor Court is a great place to put your feet up and relax after a long drive. We offer fully furnished rustic cabins with full amenities like hot showers, luxuriously soft beds and indoor plumbing. Relax in comfort just steps away nature at its best in the middle of a pine forest, while still being surprising close to downtown Paradise City and its many shops, restaurants and bars. Located at 220 Johanna Way right next to the police station.