Paradise City is an Urban Noir roleplay city with various adult themes, including criminal activity.  Wearing a PC Combat Meter is highly recommend, but not required to roleplay here.The meter is available at the Landing Point & under the bridge.


You MUST wear the PC Combat Meter if:

1)  You carry or use ANY weapon.
2)  You engage in any illegal behavior, such as, but not limited to, selling drugs, robbery, assault, kidnapping, firearms violations, traffic violations, car theft, public intoxication or being a public nuisance.
3)  You are a member of any Motorcycle Club, gang or criminal organization.
4)  You are a PCPD Police Officer or bounty hunter.
5)  You leave the city limits of Paradise City and enter Paradise East.
6)  You live life on the edge, and are willing to take your chances with the local criminal element and police department.

If you do NOT engage in confrontational roleplay and otherwise are a peaceful, non-combatant, law abiding citizen then you do not have to wear a health meter, however, you may NOT remove your meter and claim non-combatant status, if your health is below 100.