The SIM comprises the main city (Paradise City) and a suburb to the east (Paradise East). The demarcation line is marked by city limit signs as you leave the city going EAST. These signs represent an invisible line running North to South which divide the SIM equally into Paradise City and the suburb of Paradise East.

(All rules below apply to the entire SIM, unless otherwise noted in [CAPS])

1. Paradise Life Roleplay System is required at all times by persons displaying, wearing or engaging in combat, except when inside designated safe areas (see below).

2. All weapons are built into the Paradise Life Roleplay system. All other weapons are forbidden except for display or props.

3. All roleplay, including combat is by consent, don’t force either onto people who do not wish it. Do not disturb people inside their private rented premises. But understand that whilst wearing a meter you may be shot at.

4. Understand and follow the rules about combat and consequences of losing. If you don’t want to be captured or kidnapped make sure you have sufficient local money to pay fines or ransom demands (see below).

5. No flying and no teleporting. Only realistic movements. Don’t do anything you could obviously not do in RL. Try to keep your actions and roleplay realistic.

6. If you have any issues about any roleplay or actions of others, DO IM them and politely explain the problem OOC.

The laws of Paradise City require gun users to have a valid Gun Permit, obtainable at either the Police Station or the Bank of Paradise East for payments in PC$. Guns may be used in self-defense. However, using a gun or weapon for illegal purposes or without a valid permit is against the law in Paradise City and may result in arrest or injury, just as you would expect in a RL city.

Be clear about the distinction between SIM rules and Paradise City laws – breaking basic SIM rules will result in ejection – breaking the law may result in arrest or injury and is considered part of roleplay. If you choose to break the law, you are expected to accept the consequences, which may include a jail term.

Police officers have discretion to use force against anyone acting in a threatening manner, which puts the officer in reasonable fear of immediate harm. If you aim a gun at any officer, they may take you down without waiting to see if you actually fire or not. If an officer is under fire or making an arrest and asks you to move away from the immediate vicinity and you fail to do so, they may also take you down.

Rules of Engagement

Due to the nature of the Paradise Life weapons system, we suggest at least two lines of roleplay before attacking a player. Unlike some combat systems that might take many hits to kill an opponent, our system can kill with just a few hits. Combat will generally be much shorter, and can be VERY short. (The sniper rifle may be an exception) We don’t have levels where some players may have more or less power, or be harder to kill than others. Everybody is just as vulnerable to attack as the next person.

Capture or Ransom (Cap or Pay)

Only the victor in a combat has a basic right of kidnap, since there should be a consequence of losing. However, the loser has an option, either submit to being kidnapped for at least one hour (subject to reasonable limits) or pay the victor a ransom of PC$100. To refuse either option, or going AFK to delay or avoid choosing is considered a breach of SIM rules. However, please note that neither is automatic. The victor must demand, either by roleplay or IM what the loser chooses Cap or Pay and then continue accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: The “ransom or capture” rule does NOT APPLY to situations where you have been shot down by a police officer and arrested. Refusal to accept arrest is ALWAYS considered a breach of SIM rules and could result in blacklisting or ejection from the SIM. If you feel you have been wrongly arrested, go along with the RP and appeal your case for bail to a senior officer who will review it and make a final decision. Again, note the distinction between the law (ROLEPLAY) and SIM rules. If a police officer attempts to arrest you, you may use roleplay to avoid arrest, but once you have been shot down by a police officer, you no longer have any options.

All guns and weapons are built into the Paradise Life Roleplay System. All other weapons are forbidden except as a prop. No shields of any kind are allowed. We are an urban RP community with competing gangs, business owners and a sex industry, not a military or first-person shooter battlefield.

Paradise City is an urban roleplay community. It is NOT a war zone. Shooting everything in sight for no valid reason is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a permanent ban for griefing. If you want to target practice, then you may use the training area up at the race track level. Paradise City residents are not to be used for target practice.

As always, the objective is to have fun and promote an engaging, urban RP environment. Do remember it is your responsibility to let others know if something goes beyond your limits, so please notify them OOC. If you are uncomfortable, walk or teleport away and never spoil the fun of others by arguing in local chat.

Finally, a reminder….no teleporting or flying of any kind is allowed in Paradise City during combat, e.g. you can’t get to a rooftop unless there is a legitimate way to get there, you can’t teleport through a wall etc.. When you are defeated and eliminated from combat you must not rejoin the roleplay until you heal.

Thank you for your support.
Johanna Renfold