Live and work in Paradise City. We have several commercial and residential locations for rent throughout the city. Houses, rustic cabins, warehouses, loft apartments, multi-level brownstones, luxury penthouses, motel rooms, motor court cabins and bungalows on the lower east side. The Paradise City Real Estate office is located on the city square at 519 Hirotora Ave. There is a 3-D map of most current rentals.


Unfurnished flats and warehouses 400L$ wk 125 prims
Some furnished apartments 300L$ wk 60 prims
Furnished motel rooms and cabins 250L$ wk 40 prims



Each rental unit will have a rent box located near the door.  Pay the rent box and an invitation to join the Paradise City Authority resident group will be sent to you. If you don’t receive the group invite within a few minutes, contact one of the Admins listed below. The initial rental term must be for two weeks. After that, you may pay weekly. As soon as you are part of the resident group, you will have rights and permissions to rez your personal items. (If you rez items before you are invited  into the resident group, they will be auto-returned after a few minutes)

* Additional prims may be available for an additional fee


Heather Frimon
Johanna Renfold
Missy Demeanor (avenger555)