The Paradise City License Department requires all citizens to obtain the following permitts. Failure to have the proper permits may result in fines or imprisonment.

Firearms Permit pc$ 100 per month
Vehicle Driver’s License pc$ 100 per month
Sex Trade Permit pc$ 100 per month
Taxi Driver’s Permit pc$ 100 per month
Motel Voucher pc$ 200 per week

UPDATE: Police Officers and PCFD personnel are no longer exempt from requiring permits. They will need to maintain Driver’s License and Firearms permits like everybody else. Also, ALL sex workers will need to maintain a Sex Workers Permit, INCLUDING those employed by local clubs and businesses.

 All licenses and permits may be purchased from the vendor located in the lobby of the police station. 

Paradise City License Dept. (PCLD) is responsible for issuing all licenses and permits and collecting the revenue on behalf of the City.

PCPD Officers may conduct spot checks on the streets and anyone found breaking the licensing laws or any other laws may be arrested or required to pay a fine on the spot for first offense.

PLEASE NOTE:  For matters concerning BoPC and the monetary system or for matters concerning the license system and enforcement please contact Captain Pia Soup or Chief Bottle Washer Heather Frimon.