Paradise City local currency can be used to buy various goods and services. The money is built-in to the Paradise Life Roleplay System and can be used to purchase various goods and services like food, permits, weapons, ammo and more. There are also object vendors that will accept pc$ for non-system items like clothing, home furnishings, building items, etc. You may also purchase goods from other players. To pay pc$ to another player, just bring up the Buddy by touching the other player’s head and give them pc$.

PC$ (Paradise City Dollars)

PC$ is issued and regulated by the Bank of Paradise City (BoPC), located at 206 Perle Ave. The Bank of Paradise East (BoPE) is located in the Eastern suburb opposite the Paradise Motel. The Bank of Paradise City may issue loans to those who are gainfully employed or have sufficient collateral and good standing.

How to acquire pc$?

You will receive an hourly stipend of pc$ 5 while in the city. Other ways to acquire pc$ include, but are not limited to: get a job, start your own business, robbery, bank loan, provide a service or collect ransom from those defeated in combat, which is pc$ 100. If you have a job, while clocked in and performing your assigned duties, you will be paid hourly the amount of your hourly wage, along with the pc$ 5 stipends.

PC$ may be used to buy various permits, licenses, motel vouchers, pay bail bonds, services, tips, ransom payments and shopping at the PC$ Mall, etc. The city pays wages to employees in core departments such as Police, Fire, Hospital and city owned businesses.

-Minimum wage: pc$10 per hour
-Motel room: pc$200 per week (by purchasing a BoPC Motel Voucher) (includes 40 prims for personal items)

*disclaimer* PC$ is ONLY legal tender in Paradise City for role play purposes and has no intrinsic value in RL currency or other play money such as L$