Paradise City  Founder’s Day

                                                                   Car, Bike & Aircraft Show 2021





We’re having a car, motorcycle and aircraft show in Paradise City to celebrate our 11th anniversary! Exhibits by the top builders, timed track to test your driving skills, drag racing, shooting contest, hang gliding, zip line, precision parachuting, carnival games and rides, job fair, prizes, raffles and other entertainment.

 WHERE: Paradise City Motor Speedway area. Teleport directly to the location from one of the Directories located around the city, use the interactive 3-D map at the landing point or take the scenic route by driving the Sky Road.

Direct to venue Slurl:

WHEN: March 19th to 28th, 2021



The Road Rally race starts tracking racers time on March 15th. A motorcycle race to the top and then race to the bottom. Your uphill and downhill time will be recorded on the board automatically.  *You MUST complete both uphill and downhill to qualify. The race will close on March 28th at 6:00pm SLT. The top three drivers with the combined best time win a BEAUTIFUL trophy for their trophy case, and $$ prize! Motorcycles only this time.

Raffle Tickets are on sale now! We’re giving a way a Shergood SA – S61R Pelican helicopter. A L$1,299 gift card from C.H.C auto and Club Bare Naked is having a raffle for a INM Premium uh.. adult gadget. More prizes will be given out for the Road Rally winner and other events during the show.

The shooting contest is right next to the airfield. Try your best on the shooting range and then contact one of the managers listed below to have your score recorded. The winners will be announced Sunday the 28th by 6:00pm SLT. The top three best marksmen win $L and/or other prizes. Oh, and a BEAUTIFUL trophy for your trophy case.

Precision Skydiving is right on the main square at the pool. First, find an event manager to witness your jumps. Put on your parachute and jump in the pool. In the city below, there will be five jump targets numbered 1 to 5. You get five attempts to land on all five jump targets in numerical order. If you miss one, you have to start over with jump target #1. All skydivers that successfully complete the challenge receive a valuable voucher to be used in Paradise City. Estimated value: $L700. And…..a BEAUTIFUL trophy for your trophy case. *Only one trophy/prize per skydiver


Car & Bike Show is mostly on the main square around the pool. Many fine vehicles from our sponsors on display and for sale. More information on our sponsors below.

The airfield has many new and vintage aircraft on display and Shergood Aviation even has a demo rezzor for experienced Shergood pilots. Just north of the airfield is a large hole in the world to fly into the open skies of Paradise City. For even more open skies, visit the new Paradise Airfield & Marina located at Milehouse with access to the Blake Sea and other continents.

Hang gliding jump off point is just south of the pool. Soar into the sky over Paradise City or even catch an updraft and fly back up to the jump off point.

The zipline starts on the roof of a nearby building and run across the main square and over the pool. Best to wear the parachute provided in case you lose your grip over the pool. Long..long drop if that happens.

Bumper cars and carnival games! Also dunking tank, hoops,dart game and a kissing booth.

Job Fair is set up next to the pool. Get information on a few local businesses and talk to a representative. Paradise City has many fine jobs and most businesses are always looking for help.

PARTY TIME!  We’ll be having a party Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Live DJ, sploder, random prize give-a-way. The parties will be at the main event area next to the pool.

Party Schedule:

Friday 19th: 2-4 pm SLT
Saturday 20th: 12-2 pm SLT
Sunday 21st: 4-6 pm SLT

For more information contact an Event Manager:

Heather Frimon
Missy Demeanor (avenger555)
Johanna Renfold
Missy G Ghost (ghostgirlmissy)


Vendors or builders wishing to showcase their products, or become a sponsor, should contact Heather Frimon NOW.


C.H.C Custom Cars
Cindy Henusaki

Shergood Aviation
Kelly Shergood

Aspari and +Kanvas+
Amaru (hawk.umino) 

KnS Motors
Kueilin Tennen

Tonk Bravis (tonkbravis)


Club Bare Naked in Paradise City